Human resources development

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group expects all employees to voluntarily improve their capabilities, enthusiastically take on new challenges and create new value and innovation. For this, the Group draws up career path and capability development plans for every employee primarily by holding individual meetings between employees and their supervisors.

Main Activities

Capability Development to Fulfill Duties

The Group helps employees to obtain the technical skills and knowledge needed to fulfill their duties through group training, on-the-job training and other programs.

Training Based on Employee Level

The Group conducts group training and distance learning according to the length of employment and the employee level, so that employees are able to obtain the capabilities needed to fulfill their duties as well as management capabilities.

Support for Obtaining Qualifications

The Group subsidizes training course and test fees so that employees can proactively obtain the qualifications needed to fulfill their duties.

Providing Language Classes

The Group provides in-house language classes, such as English and Chinese, as well as subsidizes the cost of those classes.

Support for Self-Development Activities

The Group supports the self-development of employees through such means as providing referrals to distance learning courses, and subsidizing the cost of those courses.

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