KAITEKI Health and Productivity Management

The MCG Group recognizes that “people” are the driving force behind the sustainable growth of society and business, and considers human resources as one of its most important management resources.
We refer to initiatives that fully utilize people’s skills and maximize the active participation of workers as KAITEKI Health and Productivity Management*, and we promote such initiatives as part of KAITEKI Management.

"Kenkokeiei," which means Health and Productivity Management in Japanese. is a registered trademark of the Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee, an NPO.
In terms of using “KAITEKI Health and Productivity Management,” the trademark is authorized to be used by Workshop for the Management of Health on Company and Employee.

What is KAITEKI Health and Productivity Management?


KAITEKI Health and Productivity Management refers to initiatives which maximize the active participation of “workers” - one of the most valuable assets - from the perspective of health.
It has two main strands – “health support” and “workstyle reforms” for the employees and the workplaces. To realize KAITEKI, we are extending the scope of the Health and Productivity Management to encompass the wellness of families, communities and society as a whole, and we plan to integrate and utilize various innovative technologies such as ICT and IoT in these health-oriented initiatives.

Diagram: “Use of ICT/IoT (Use of i2 Healthcare)*” serves as the substructure of “Health support” and “Workstyle reform,” on top of which the circle of “Self wellness “ is placed in the middle, sandwiched between “Families’, communities’ and society’s wellness” and “Workplace wellness.”  Further, on top of these, “Compliance,” Energization of organization,” “Enhancement of creativity and productivity,” “Improvement of satisfaction,” and “Enhancement of external evaluation” are lined up. * “i2 Healthcare” is a platform which unifies health and workstyle related information, visualizes health condition, and supports “improvement of health literacy,” “mindset change” and “behavior change.”  The system drives employees’ health cycle, and manages the PDCA cycle of corporate Kenko Keiei (Health and Productivity Management) effectively.


To build a basis for high levels of creativity and productivity by fostering offices and workplaces where diverse human resources work with energy and vitality.

Diagram of PDCA Cycle of Health and Productivity Management: PLAN: What we aim to achieve (Provide support for good health to help diverse human resources work with energy and vitality, develop high levels of creativity and productivity, and contribute to promoting the health of families, communities and society) -> DO: Setting themes that embody the target (Health support: Increase in health awareness, establishment of appropriate lifestyles, measures against work accidents focusing on human factors, and creation of safe and healthy workplace, Workstyle reform: Work reform, provision of diverse, flexible ways of working, effective capability development, and proper management of working hours) -> CHECK: Monitoring and verification of effects (Examples: Management leadership, level of health of employees, level of energization of organization, work-life balance, use of ICT/IoT) -> ACTION: Proposal and execution of countermeasures (Examples: Health exercise, promotion of teleworking, lights out from 7:00pm, improvement of meeting efficiency, distribution of wearable devices) -> PLAN


Roadmap diagram: 2016 Declaration of Promotion of Health and Productivity Management, 2017 Official launch, 2018 “Enhancement of employee satisfaction” Awareness of the concept of KAITEKI Health and Productivity Management spreads to each group company, and the concept starts to be used throughout the Group. The majority of employees are proactively engaged in health and a win-win situation for both employees and the company is established, 2019 “Energization of organization” All employees autonomously focus on maintaining and improving their own health, health in the workplace, and the health of their families, Employees help achieve the goals of the organization with a real sense of fulfillment and their own growth, 2020, 2021, 2020 “Increase in creativity and competitiveness” MCG Group operates a sound and resilient business with the active creation of innovation, which is the source of our competitiveness, Improvement in productivity per employee is achieved and maintained.

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