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Personal Information Protection Policy

For the purpose of conducting business efficiently and effectively, Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation (hereinafter “MCG”) collects and uses information relating to individuals (hereinafter “personal information,” the definition of which is the same as the definition in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information), including but not limited to the personal information of shareholders and business partners. MCG recognizes that the proper protection of personal information is a responsibility of utmost importance. In order to fulfill this responsibility, MCG handles personal information in accordance with this Personal Information Protection Policy.

  1. MCG complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related laws and regulations; conforms to practices concerning the handling of personal information that are generally accepted as fair and reasonable; and thereby engages in the appropriate handling of personal information. MCG also makes efforts to improve its handling practices as appropriate.
  2. MCG clearly defines internal rules concerning the handling of personal information and ensures that employees are informed of them. MCG also requests its business partners to handle personal information appropriately.
  3. MCG collects personal information through legitimate and fair means, and only to the extent required to achieve the purpose of use stated below. When a purpose of use is expressly stated for a specific service, MCG collects and uses your personal information in accordance with that purpose. If your personal information must be collected for any other purpose, you will be notified of the purpose prior to collection.
    Purpose of use
    • MCG collects and uses personal information to do the following:
    • - Perform operations relating to the management of the corporate group consisting of MCG and its Japanese and overseas subsidiaries and affiliate companies in which MCG invests, either directly or indirectly (hereinafter, collectively, “MCG Group”);
    • - Contact shareholders and business partners, and respond to inquiries and requests for catalogs and other reference materials from shareholders and business partners;
    • - Exercise rights and perform obligations on the basis of laws and regulations, and perform shareholder management and other operations relating to business activities in the MCG Group;
    • - Proceed with employment selection procedures for job applicants and the relevant internal procedures;
    • - Provide products and services of the MCG Group and provide related information.
  4. MCG does not disclose or provide the personal information it collects to any third party, except in any of the following situations.
  5. MCG takes the necessary measures to securely manage personal information in order to prevent any leakages, losses, or alterations.
  6. In the event that MCG receives, from an individual who has provided MCG with his/her personal information through this website, a request or inquiry concerning a notification of the purpose of use; a request or inquiry concerning other aspects of MCG’s handling of personal information; or a request for disclosure, correction, addition, removal, suspension of use or deletion of the individual’s personal information (hereinafter, individually, “Request for Disclosure Etc. of Personal Information”), MCG will respond appropriately after confirming that the Request for Disclosure Etc. of Personal Information has been submitted by the same individual who provided the personal information. If you wish to file a Request for Disclosure Etc. of Personal Information, a complaint, etc. please follow the link below to complete an Contact Form.

Administration & Human Resources Office

If you have an inquiry about information in the shareholders’ register, please directly contact the shareholder-register administrator below.

Shareholder Register Administrator:
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
PO Box #29,
Shin-Tokyo Post Office, 137-8081
TEL: 0120-232-711

Please refer to the Terms of Use for the handling of personal information on this website.

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