Work-Life Balance

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group emphasizes both the working and personal lives of each and every employee. Accordingly, the Group attaches great importance to working more efficiently in the limited time available for work and to enabling employees to choose how they want to work according to various stages in their lives. We therefore strive to enhance work-life balance support programs, along with promoting initiatives to raise the paid leave utilization rate and reduce the proportion of workers putting in long hours.

Main Activities

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group designs and incorporates a variety of programs to develop workplaces that facilitate a good work-life balance.

Enhancing Work-life Balance Support Programs

Operating companies are enhancing various systems to build a workplace where work-life balance can be achieved. For example, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation enables employees to choose how they work according to the circumstances of their personal lives, through such programs as childcare leave that can be taken until the child is three years old.

Career continuation support

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation has introduced a program to help those on childcare leave return to work and continue an active career, giving employees opportunities to study MBA subjects and learn languages online if they wish to study during childcare leave, financial support to employ babysitters after returning to work, and other forms of assistance so that they can become more successful despite the time constraints associated with child-raising.

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