Customer Satisfaction

Through dialogue with customers, the Mitsubishi Chemical Group seeks to reflect customer feedback in its sales activities and measures to improve products and services. Increasing customer satisfaction through these sorts of activities will pave the way for the Group's sustainable growth.

Main Activities

Performing the Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Customer Satisfaction Survey is performed by operating companies through the issuance of questionnaires to customers. The survey is made up of core questionnaires covering the functions and quality of products and services, while also including various other aspects, such as the Group's response to problems and other inquiries, reduction of environmental impact, and resource and energy savings. The replies from customers are shared among relevant personnel including top management, and are being applied in each division to further improve products and services.
The survey also includes questionnaires regarding awareness of and sympathy with the concept of KAITEKI that the Mitsubishi Chemical Group advocates in order to improve the Group's brand value.

Product Stewardship Policy

We published our Product Stewardship Policy, which forms the basis for our Responsible Care activities, on September 1, 2015. In accordance with this policy, we will make every effort to communicate product safety information throughout the product life cycle (development, procurement, production, distribution, marketing, use, disposal, and recycling) and manage products in collaboration with stakeholders at every step in the value chain in order to minimize our products’ impact on human health, safety, and the environment.

Operating KAITEKI Square Showroom

Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation operates KAITEKI Square showroom within its Head Office building as a venue for dialogue with customers and suppliers. KAITEKI Square comprises three areas: 1) the special exhibition zone focusing on science and technology's role in solving 21st century social issues; 2) the permanent exhibition zone that introduces the Mitsubishi Chemical Group's technological and integrated abilities through exhibitions of products and technologies; and 3) a concept zone for experiencing future society through films and interactive exhibits.

Permanent exhibition zone

KAITEKI theater

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