Group Concept


The Purpose is an expression of what it is striving for and why it exists. It expresses the Group’s persistent determination to realize KAITEKI, the Group’s North Star, which has guided the organization and its commitment to its stakeholders since 2011.

We lead with innovative solutions
to achieve KAITEKI,
the well-being of people and the planet.


The Slogan reflects the three management strategies the Group chose to realize its KAITEKI purpose—Management of Technology (MOT), Management of Economics (MOE), and Management of Sustainability (MOS). The Group will lead the realization of KAITEKI through better Science, by providing Value to all stakeholders and contributing to healthy living and the sustainable Life of people and the Planet.


Our Way

Our Way is what employees use to guide them through their daily work to realize the Group’s Purpose. These criteria define what drives the multitude of decisions employees make every day when it comes to business operations and how they interact with their peers as they work toward common goals. This story is based on the integrity of each individual and their respect for others and is presented through bravery and diverse collaboration to show persistence to stakeholders.


  • Prioritizing safety
  • Doing the right thing
  • Doing work we’re proud of


  • Showing appreciation
  • Valuing diversity
  • Caring for people and the planet


  • Thinking flexibly
  • Being agile
  • Embracing challenges


  • Amplifying strengths
  • Building trust
  • Celebrating teamwork


  • Taking ownership
  • Delivering new value to stakeholders
  • Being responsible for the future

Circular Element

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group circular element symbolizes our Group Concept. The element represents the value creation cycle of MOT, MOE, and MOS toward the realization of KAITEKI, but also signifies what the Group respects and aspires to achieve—a circular economy, the carbon cycle, protecting the Earth, and "One Company, One Team".


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