Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Among the environmental issues the chemical industry faces, the Mitsubishi Chemical Group positions global warming and climate change as the highest priority it must address. Therefore, the Group has been making a concerted effort to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for many years. Besides reducing GHG emissions arising from its business activities as a matter of course, the Group is also working to develop products that generate lower GHG emissions when used.

Main Activities

Reducing GHG Emissions Arising From Manufacturing

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group is striving to reduce GHG emissions arising from manufacturing by proactively improving energy intensity, which is energy consumption per unit of production.

Reducing GHG Emissions Arising From Logistics

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group aims for environment-friendly logistics. We are optimizing logistics—including product shape and packaging choice—and promoting the improvement of loading ratios and a modal shift to railway freight transport. In addition, the Group is working with logistics companies to reduce GHG emissions by upgrading equipment. For example, this initiative is introducing dedicated ships installed with energy saving devices such as “Friend Fins” and contra-rotating propellers.

Reducing GHG Emissions From Sales Activities

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group is striving to reduce GHG emissions from sales activities by proactively introducing hybrid vehicles into the Group's vehicle fleet, among other measures.

Providing Products that Generate Lower GHG Emissions When Used

Through activities initiated from the research and development stage, the Group is working to launch products that generate lower GHG emissions when used, along with verifying the benefits derived from using these products in terms of reducing the GHG emissions of society as a whole.

Identifying GHG Emissions in the Supply Chain

Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation identifies and discloses GHG emissions resulting from the delivery to plants of raw materials purchased, customers' use of products, and the disposal of products. These are known as Scope 3 emissions. The Mitsubishi Chemical Group began identifying its Scope 3 emissions in Japan and receiving third-party assurance in fiscal 2012. Going forward, the Company intends to extend the reach of this initiative to include overseas companies.

Implementation of Carbon Footprint Assessment

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group is implementing a carbon footprint assessment that calculates and discloses GHG emissions for individual products, from raw material purchasing through to delivery to customers.

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