Improvement of employee engagement

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group is seeking to enhance “engagement” based on the view that enabling each and every employee to perform duties that they find rewarding in a pleasant working environment will serve as the driving force to continue creating newer values, and in turn, the driving force of corporate activities themselves. “Engagement” means building a relationship between the company and its employees so that they can grow together while influencing each other and deepening their ties as parties who are essential to each other. Through the findings of employee awareness surveys, we are formulating and implementing measures to enhance “engagement” while making management share various issues with employees and vice versa.

Main Activities

employee awareness surveys

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group began conducting an employee awareness survey for Group employees in fiscal 2011 to understand progress and issues relating to their employee satisfaction initiatives and incorporate this data into personnel measures for further improvement. Furthermore, since fiscal 2019, we have evolved the employee awareness survey that measured employee satisfaction into an employee awareness survey that gets a grasp of employee engagement and conducted the survey on a global basis. As people are the source of corporate activities, we are utilizing such survey results with the aim of creating companies and workplaces with a positive atmosphere in which work is fulfilling.

Supporting the Success of Diverse Human Resources

Amid the progress of globalization among corporations, we believe it is indispensable to attain resilience to adapt to change, in order to maintain competitiveness. To gain resilience, we will develop a corporate culture based on collaboration and harmony among diverse human resources. We aim to be a company in which people with various backgrounds can work enthusiastically, grow in the process and lead fulfilling lives in a sustained manner.

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