Charter of Corporate Behavior

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

We shall, as shown below, always act with high sense of ethics and socially-recognized decency in every aspect of our corporate activities by innovative solutions, under a purpose that “we will lead the realization of KAITEKI where people, society and the planet can continue to exist in a comfortable way.

Awareness and Responsibility

We shall contribute to the realization of KAITEKI through our business with a keen sense of corporate social responsibility, based on the fundamental understanding that the foundation of our corporate activities is society's trust and confidence in us.

Accountability and Transparency

We shall, recognizing the importance of accountability in corporate activities, preserve transparency in such activities, disclose information appropriately, and always maintain a stance of openness, both internally and externally.

Legal Compliance and Fairness, Equitability, and Integrity

We shall comply with laws and international standards and shall hold ourselves to the highest ethical conduct at all times. In addition, we shall always adopt an attitude of fairness, equitability, and integrity towards customers, business partners, shareholders, government agencies, local communities, and other stakeholders. This attitude shall also apply to our dealings with each other.

Valuing Stakeholders

We shall respect and communicate closely with all stakeholders including customers, suppliers, shareholders, business partners, government agencies, local communities, and employees, and consider the outcomes of such communication in our corporate activities.

Respecting Human Rights

We shall respect the dignity and rights of all people, and shall not discriminate against people unfairly on the basis of race, sex, religion or other protected status. We shall also expect our suppliers and other contractors to refrain from any infringement of human dignity and rights or discriminatory practices.

Employment and Labor

We shall not engage in any form of forced, compulsory, or child labor, and shall require our suppliers and other contractors to adhere to the same standards. The Mitsubishi Chemical Group managers at all levels shall respect human diversity and create working environments where employees can exercise their abilities to the utmost in safe and healthy settings, in order to make optimal use of human resources. Managers shall build sound relations with employees through close dialogue, and shall respect employees' rights, including freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Environment and Safety

We shall strive to reduce environmental impact and protect the environment and ecosystems in our operations, in addition to supplying environmentally friendly products and services. Recognizing that the health and safety of our employees and communities in which we do business form the foundation for the very existence of our company and that we have a corporate social responsibility to assure the health and safety of others, we shall continue to ensure safe business activities.

Fair Business Practices

We shall conduct business fairly and sincerely, adhering to ethical principles and refraining from unfair trade practices and any form of bribery or corruption, to contribute to sound social and economic development through fair competition in the market. We shall refuse to work with any group, organization or individual engaged in unlawful activities, and under no circumstances shall we have any relations with anti-social influences.

Customer Satisfaction

We shall constantly strive to satisfy our customers by keeping the promises made in contracts with them, doing our utmost to ensure the safety and quality of the products and services we supply, and engaging in dialogue and R&D.

Information Management

We shall, in the course of our corporate activities, maintain appropriate records and make reports as required by law and regulation. We shall manage information carefully to prevent leakage of confidential data relating to customers, business partners, or our own business.

Science and Technology

We shall advance R&D by bringing together outstanding researchers from Japan and overseas, and contribute to the realization of KAITEKI through innovation. We shall recognize the importance of our own and others' intellectual property rights and respect such rights.

Community Involvement

We shall contribute broadly to society through our businesses. In addition, we shall respond to the desires and expectations of local communities by enhancing our understanding of their cultures and customs and acting as a good corporate citizen.

Shared Standards

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group managers shall recognize their responsibility to embody the spirit of this charter and shall ensure that employees are fully aware of its content. We shall expect our suppliers and other business partners to share all the standards set out in this charter, including but not limited to standards relating to human rights, employment, and labor.

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