Occupational Health and Safety

To ensure that employees are able to safely perform their duties, the Mitsubishi Chemical Group believes that every employee must increase his or her awareness of safety issues in tandem with developing safe workplace environments. To this end, the Group places high priority on safety measures for operating facilities as well as employee safety training and drills, among other related activities. In addition, the Mitsubishi Chemical Group optimizes the workplace with an ergonomic approach to prevent occupational accidents and to maintain a safe, healthy working environment.


At Safety and Health Committee meetings held regularly at each site and plant of The Mitsubishi Chemical Group companies, employees and management seriously discuss everything from the formulation of policies and action plans to the development of specific on-site issues and initiatives for solving them, and reach agreements on these matters.

Process Safety and Disaster Prevention

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group recognizes that conducting safe manufacturing activities forms the foundation for the very existence of the company and that the Group has a corporate social responsibility to ensure safety. For this, the Group endeavors to build systems to prevent facility-related accidents and rapidly respond when such accidents occur.

Main Activities

Implementing Safety Measures

The Group institutes multiple safety measures for operating facilities as well as measures for irregular operations, checking whether they are appropriately applied through auditing and inspections. In addition, all employees are actively engaged in identifying safety risks and making improvements.

Implementing Safety Training and Drills

Through safety training and practical drills, the Group fosters a culture of safety and raises individual awareness of safety issues.

Facility-Related Accidents

Basically, each The Mitsubishi Chemical Group operating site endeavors to prevent facility-related accidents by ensuring the soundness of facilities and equipment and the proper operation through their appropriate maintenance as well as extensive education and training of their operators. If an accident occurs, the Group works to avoid recurrence by analyzing the cause, taking countermeasures, and verifying their effectiveness through inspections or maintenance patrols. Moreover, the Group works to prevent accidents by applying these countermeasures laterally to similar facilities and equipment or operations.

Responding Rapidly When Accidents Occur

If an accident occurs, it is important that the Mitsubishi Chemical Group minimizes the effect on society. To do so, the Group has organized disaster prevention teams at each of its operating sites worldwide, and conducts safety drills on a daily basis. The Group has established a crisis management system to expedite the reporting of information to top management, with the view to ensuring accountability to local communities and fulfilling its responsibility to supply products.

Disclosing Information

Mindful of the importance of verifying and reporting on corporate activities from a global perspective in disclosure related to safety, the Mitsubishi Chemical Group has disclosed information in the KAITEKI Report and on its corporate website. The Group will further enhance the reliability of its disclosure by increasing disclosure elements and heightening their precision.

Sharing Safety Information Through SDS

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group companies use Safety Data Sheets (SDS) to conduct education on the properties of products it deals with and how to handle them, and we share safety information throughout the Group. The Group is building systems to prevent sudden accidents during transit and storage by sharing information internally on the properties of particularly hazardous chemicals, their transportation routes, and other aspects of logistics.

Employee Health Management

Efforts to maintain physical and mental health are important for a fulfilling business career. The Mitsubishi Chemical Group conducts health checkups of employees and their families and also provides health counseling based on the results. The Group also takes steps to maintain the mental health of its employees by introducing systems where employees can receive counseling from specialists.

Main Activities

Conducting Regular Health Checkups

In cooperation with health insurance association, The Mitsubishi Chemical Group companies conduct regular health checkups of employees, as well as members of their families who do not have the opportunity to receive such checkups. The Group companies also provide health counseling based on the results. The health insurance association subsidizes thorough physical examinations, brain scans, etc. as well. Taiyo Nippon Sanso mandates employees who are on an unaccompanied assignment and living away from their families to undergo thorough physical examinations and brain scans to assist them in the prevention, early detection and early treatment of diseases.

Measures for Mental Health Care

The Group takes steps to maintain the mental health of its employees by distributing mental health booklets, holding seminars, and introducing systems where employees can receive counseling from specialists.

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