Sustainability Approach and Promotion Structure

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group recognizes sustainability as a core element to manage its corporate activities under our Purpose, which we define as leading with innovative solutions to achieve KAITEKI, the pursuit of the well-being of people and the planet. We aim for sustainable growth by working to fulfill the targets set for identified material issues under the leadership of our CEO and other members of the management team.

Structure for implementing sustainability

The MCG Group has established the Sustainability Committee, chaired by the CEO and with committee members drawn from the corporate executive officers, to act as a forum for discussion of the Group’s sustainability policy and related matters and to supervise and monitor progress in various activities.

Structure for implementing sustainability

Communication among people with various backgrounds, including those varying in culture, gender, experience and expertise, are indispensable for swiftly responding to changes and finding new solutions, and help maintain and boost competitiveness.

*Where necessary

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