Sustainability approach and promotion structure

Recognition of Issues and Basic Approach

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group believes that promoting businesses that contribute to the sustainability of people, society and the Earth is crucial to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. For this purpose, the Group has established the Mitsubishi Chemical Group Charter of Corporate Behavior as the foundation for all of the Group's corporate activities, and the Group strives to act with high ethical standards in socially significant fields. Guided by the KAITEKI concept, the Group is also vigorously pushing ahead with businesses that will solve a variety of environmental and social issues. Furthermore, the Group has adopted an original management method called Management of Sustainability (MOS) in order to ensure the sustainability of the values that will realize KAITEKI. MOS Indexes have been established to manage the Group's progress on this front.

Promotion Structure for Management of Sustainability (MOS)

The Corporate Strategy Office KAITEKI Group at Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation holds regular meetings in order to realize KAITEKI based on the Mitsubishi Chemical Group Charter of Corporate Behavior.

Communication among people with various backgrounds, including those varying in culture, gender, experience and expertise, are indispensable for swiftly responding to changes and finding new solutions, and help maintain and boost competitiveness.

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