Cash Dividends

As of November 1, 2023

Dividend per share (Yen)
Interim Year-end Annual
FY2023 16 16 (Forecast) 32 (Forecast)
FY2022 15 15 30
FY2021 15 15 30
FY2020 12 12 24
FY2019 20 12 32
FY2018 20 20 40

Dividend Policy

MCG’s basic policy for shareholder returns is to enhance its shareholder value by increasing corporate value.
While keeping an eye to increasing retained earnings that will fund its future business activities, MCG will aim for y-o-y dividend growth and payout ratio 35% in FY2025 in the action plan based on the management policy "Forging the future“ for the period to FY2025.

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