Innovation Strategy

Accelerating growth by combining in-house R&D with open innovation

At the Mitsubishi Chemical Group, a strong R&D capability is our cornerstone, but we define innovation much more broadly than this. We promote innovation by strategically combining in-house R&D with open innovation, including collaboration with academia, startup companies, corporate partners, and government agencies.
We emphasize four key points to further enhance the quality and speed of our innovation.

Guiding principles for innovation

End-Market Focus
  • Integrated innovation strategies driving an optimal balance of internal R&D and open innovation for each focus market
  • Agile product development in collaboration with end customers to deliver value at speed
  • Flexibility to meet the changing demands of key markets: today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow
New Digital Capabilities
  • Next-generation computational technologies enabling large-scale and high-throughput simulations
  • Materials informatics to accelerate the introduction of new materials and products
  • Quantum computing and AI for the information-driven chemical industry of the future
More Efficient Processes
  • Seamless transition between long-term research platforms and late-stage product development
  • Experimental data platform to create a virtual research organization that transcends physical location
New Business Fields
  • Systematic creation of the next generation of high-profit, high-growth business clusters
  • “Innovation Sandbox” to rapidly test the validity of new ideas beyond the scope of our current business

Strategic partnerships with startups around the world to accelerate innovation

The MCG Group creates opportunities for group-wide business growth through strategic investments and partnerships with promising startup companies worldwide.

Overview of collaboration with startups receiving Group investment

Startup company Specialty Collaboration Exit
AddiFab ApS
AddiFab ApS
Agile manufacturing solution combining additive manufacturing and injection molding for specialty products Joint development of additive materials Acquired by Nexa3D
DAIZ Plant-based proteins and products as a substitute for traditional food products Development of alternative protein ingredients
DIGILENS Holographic waveguide display technology for next-generation Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality devices Development of plastic waveguides for AR/VR devices
ERIDAN 5G radio frequency communication technology leveraging gallium-nitride semiconductors for energy and spectrum efficiency Development of applications for gallium-nitride substrates in 5G communications networks
FluenceAnalytics Continuous monitoring and optimization of industrial and laboratory systems R&D efficiency and continuous process improvement Acquired by Yokogawa Electric
Lactips Water-soluble and biodegradable bio-derived polymer raw material substitute for film and plastic applications Development of green materials for customer needs
Lingrove Plant-based sustainable composites and materials to replace wood in automotive and industrial applications Development of bio-based composite solutions
Myoridge Custom-made, serum-free cell culture media for pharmaceutical, regenerative medicine, and food applications Material development for cell culture-related markets
PRIMEROOTS Koji-based food products as a substitute for traditional meat products Development of alternative protein ingredients and geographic expansion

Leveraging our technology advantage in key focus markets

We have developed our technology portfolio over many decades, and the resulting intellectual capital is a principal driving force of our Company.
As part of our transformation into a world-leading enterprise supplying specialty materials and solutions, the MCG Group will concentrate its technical strengths in relevant areas.
In addition to these technology platforms that embody our long-term competitive advantage, we will build on existing products and technologies, creating new innovations to strengthen our presence in each of our focus markets.

MCG Group technologies and products matched to focus markets

Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Key Trends
  • -Electrification
  • -Lightweight materials
  • -Modern design
  • -Speed and complexity
  • -Miniaturization
  • -Smart homes and applications
  • -Nutrition and health
  • -Reducing food waste
  • -Processability
  • -Longevity
  • -Quality of life
  • -Tailored implants
  • -Energy efficiency
  • -Modular construction
  • -Insulation
  • -Personalization
  • -Sustainability
  • -Renewable resources
  • -Smart materials
  • -Remote operation
  • -Robotics and automation
MCG Group Products and Technologies
  • -Battery materials
  • -Composite materials
  • -Specialty polymers and compounds
  • -Semiconductor materials, equipment, and components
  • -Fab cleaning services
  • -Display films and materials
  • -Emulsifiers
  • -Vitamins and nutrition
  • -Gas barrier films
  • -Probiotics
  • -AI-powered drug discovery
  • -Biomodality-related technologies
  • -Biocompatible materials
  • -Construction materials
  • -Additives for adhesives and coatings
  • -Façade design materials
  • -Carbon fiber composites
  • -Water soluble polymers
  • -High-performance water filtration
  • -Industrial processing films and membranes
  • -Oxygen combustion technology
  • -Additive manufacturing technology

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