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Title Author Year Journal
Overcoming the limitations of Kolbe coupling with waveform-controlled electrosynthesis Hioki Y., Costantini M., Griffin J., Harper K.C., Merini M.P., Nissl B., Kawamata Y., Baran P.S. 2023 Science
Emulsion-electrospun polyvinyl alcohol nanofibers as a solid dispersion system to improve solubility and control the release of probucol, a poorly water-soluble drug Shibata T., Yoshimura N., Kobayashi A., Ito T., Hara K., Tahara K. 2022 Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology
The first pilot-scale demonstration of the partial nitritation/anammox-hydroxyapatite process to treat the effluent of the anaerobic membrane bioreactor fed with the actual municipal wastewater Guo Y., Luo Z., Rong C., Wang T., Qin Y., Hanaoka T., Sakemi S., Ito M., Kobayashi S., Kobayashi M., Li Y.-Y. 2022 Science of the Total Environment
Autonomous Chemical Experiments: Challenges and Perspectives on Establishing a Self-Driving Lab Seifrid M., Pollice R., Aguilar-Granda A., Morgan Chan Z., Hotta K., Ser C.T., Vestfrid J., Wu T.C., Aspuru-Guzik A. 2022 Accounts of Chemical Research
Seasonal temperatures impact on the mass flows in the innovative integrated process of anaerobic membrane bioreactor and one-stage partial nitritation-anammox for the treatment of municipal wastewater Rong C., Wang T., Luo Z., Guo Y., Kong Z., Wu J., Qin Y., Hanaoka T., Sakemi S., Ito M., Kobayashi S., Kobayashi M., Li Y.-Y. 2022 Bioresource Technology
A hygroscopic nano-membrane coating achieves efficient vapor-fed photocatalytic water splitting Suguro T., Kishimoto F., Kariya N., Fukui T., Nakabayashi M., Shibata N., Takata T., Domen K., Takanabe K. 2022 Nature Communications
A Universal Method of Perovskite Surface Passivation for CsPbX3 Solar Cells with VOC over 90% of the S-Q limit Guo Z., Zhao S., Shibayama N., Kumar Jena A., Takei I., Miyasaka T. 2022 Advanced Functional Materials
Experimental and numerical evaluation of effects of kidney-shape carbon fiber on transverse cracking of carbon fiber reinforced plastics Kitagawa Y., Yoshimura A., Arai M., Goto K., Sugiura N. 2022 Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing
Biomass retention and microbial segregation to offset the impacts of seasonal temperatures for a pilot-scale integrated fixed-film activated sludge partial nitritation-anammox (IFAS-PN/A) treating anaerobically pretreated municipal wastewater Rong C., Luo Z., Wang T., Qin Y., Wu J., Guo Y., Hu Y., Kong Z., Hanaoka T., Sakemi S., Ito M., Kobayashi S., Kobayashi M., Li Y.-Y. 2022 Water Research
Pilot plant demonstration of temperature impacts on the methanogenic performance and membrane fouling control of the anaerobic membrane bioreactor in treating real municipal wastewater Rong C., Wang T., Luo Z., Hu Y., Kong Z., Qin Y., Hanaoka T., Ito M., Kobayashi M., Li Y.-Y. 2022 Bioresource Technology
Calculating transition amplitudes by variational quantum deflation Ibe Y., Nakagawa Y.O., Earnest N., Yamamoto T., Mitarai K., Gao Q., Kobayashi T. 2022 Physical Review Research
Photocatalytic solar hydrogen production from water on a 100-m2 scale Nishiyama H., Yamada T., Nakabayashi M., Maehara Y., Yamaguchi M., Kuromiya Y., Nagatsuma Y., Tokudome H., Akiyama S., Watanabe T., Narushima R., Okunaka S., Shibata N., Takata T., Hisatomi T., Domen K. 2021 Nature
Sequential cocatalyst decoration on BaTaO2N towards highly-active Z-scheme water splitting Wang Z., Luo Y., Hisatomi T., Vequizo J.J.M., Suzuki S., Chen S., Nakabayashi M., Lin L., Pan Z., Kariya N., Yamakata A., Shibata N., Takata T., Teshima K., Domen K. 2021 Nature Communications
Large pilot-scale submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor for the treatment of municipal wastewater and biogas production at 25 °C Kong Z., Wu J., Rong C., Wang T., Li L., Luo Z., Ji J., Hanaoka T., Sakemi S., Ito M., Kobayashi S., Kobayashi M., Qin Y., Li Y.-Y. 2021 Bioresource Technology
A successful start-up of an anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) coupled mainstream partial nitritation-anammox (PN/A) system: A pilot-scale study on in-situ NOB elimination, AnAOB growth kinetics, and mainstream treatment performance Wu J., Kong Z., Luo Z., Qin Y., Rong C., Wang T., Hanaoka T., Sakemi S., Ito M., Kobayashi S., Kobayashi M., Xu K.-Q., Kobayashi T., Kubota K., Li Y.-Y. 2021 Water Research
Dopant-Free Polymer HTM-Based CsPbI2Br Solar Cells with Efficiency Over 17% in Sunlight and 34% in Indoor Light Guo Z., Jena A.K., Takei I., Ikegami M., Ishii A., Numata Y., Shibayama N., Miyasaka T. 2021 Advanced Functional Materials
Sludge yield and degradation of suspended solids by a large pilot-scale anaerobic membrane bioreactor for the treatment of real municipal wastewater at 25 °C Kong Z., Wu J., Rong C., Wang T., Li L., Luo Z., Ji J., Hanaoka T., Sakemi S., Ito M., Kobayashi S., Kobayashi M., Qin Y., Li Y.-Y. 2021 Science of the Total Environment
Understanding and Countering Illumination-Sensitive Dark Current: Toward Organic Photodetectors with Reliable High Detectivity Huang J., Lee J., Nakayama H., Schrock M., Cao D.X., Cho K., Bazan G.C., Nguyen T.-Q. 2021 ACS Nano
ZIF-8 Membrane Permselectivity Modification by Manganese(II) Acetylacetonate Vapor Treatment Hayashi M., Lee D.T., de Mello M.D., Boscoboinik J.A., Tsapatsis M. 2021 Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
Computational investigations of the lithium superoxide dimer rearrangement on noisy quantum devices Gao Q., Garcia J.M., Yamamoto N., Nakamura H., Gujarati T.P., Jones G.O., Rice J.E., Wood S.P., Pistoia M., Yamamoto N. 2021 Journal of Physical Chemistry A
Chemical oxygen demand and nitrogen transformation in a large pilot-scale plant with a combined submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor and one-stage partial nitritation-anammox for treating mainstream wastewater at 25 °C Rong C., Luo Z., Wang T., Guo Y., Kong Z., Wu J., Ji J., Qin Y., Hanaoka T., Sakemi S., Ito M., Kobayashi S., Kobayashi M., Li Y.-Y. 2021 Bioresource Technology
Applications of quantum computing for investigations of electronic transitions in phenylsulfonyl-carbazole TADF emitters Gao Q., Jones G.O., Motta M., Sugawara M., Watanabe H.C., Kobayashi T., Watanabe E., Ohnishi Y.-Y., Nakamura H., Yamamoto N. 2021 npj Computational Materials
Evaluation of the antibacterial activity of allyl isothiocyanate, clove oil, eugenol and carvacrol against spoilage lactic acid bacteria Takahashi H., Nakamura A., Fujino N., Sawaguchi Y., Sato M., Kuda T., Kimura B. 2021 LWT
What Structural Features Make Porous Carbons Work for Redox-Enhanced Electrochemical Capacitors? A Fundamental Investigation Zhao Y., Taylor E.E., Hu X., Evanko B., Zeng X., Wang H., Ohnishi R., Tsukazaki T., Li J.-F., Stadie N.P., Yoo S.J., Stucky G.D., Boettcher S.W. 2021 ACS Energy Letters
Re-Programming and Optimization of a L-Proline cis-4-Hydroxylase for the cis-3-Halogenation of its Native Substrate Papadopoulou A., Meierhofer J., Meyer F., Hayashi T., Schneider S., Sager E., Buller R. 2021 ChemCatChem
Genome-scale phylogenetic analyses confirm Olpidium as the closest living zoosporic fungus to the non-flagellated, terrestrial fungi Chang Y., Rochon D.A., Sekimoto S., Wang Y., Chovatia M., Sandor L., Salamov A., Grigoriev I.V., Stajich J.E., Spatafora J.W. 2021 Scientific Reports
A Highly Efficient and Stable Blue-Emitting Cs5Cu3Cl6I2 with a 1D Chain Structure Li J., Inoshita T., Ying T., Ooishi A., Kim J., Hosono H. 2020 Advanced Materials
Genetic Biosensor Design for Natural Product Biosynthesis in Microorganisms Hossain G.S., Saini M., Miyake R., Ling H., Chang M.W. 2020 Trends in Biotechnology
Spectroscopic Evidence of Efficient Generation of Dicopper Intermediate in Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO over Cu-Ion-Exchanged Zeolites Oda A., Shionoya H., Hotta Y., Takewaki T., Sawabe K., Satsuma A. 2020 ACS Catalysis
The Use of a Combination of a Sugar and Surfactant to Stabilize Au Nanoparticle Dispersion against Aggregation during Freeze-Drying Yokota H., Kadowaki M., Matsuura T., Imanaka H., Ishida N., Imamura K. 2020 Langmuir
Zeolite-supported ultra-small nickel as catalyst for selective oxidation of methane to syngas Yasuda S., Osuga R., Kunitake Y., Kato K., Fukuoka A., Kobayashi H., Gao M., Hasegawa J.-Y., Manabe R., Shima H., Tsutsuminai S., Yokoi T. 2020 Communications Chemistry
Traceability in Permissioned Blockchain Mitani T., Otsuka A. 2020 IEEE Access
Application of 3D printing technology for generating hollow-type suppository shells Tagami T., Ito E., Hayashi N., Sakai N., Ozeki T. 2020 International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Bacillus coagulans SANK 70258 suppresses Enterobacteriaceae in the microbiota of ulcerative colitis in vitro and enhances butyrogenesis in healthy microbiota Sasaki K., Sasaki D., Inoue J., Hoshi N., Maeda T., Yamada R., Kondo A. 2020 Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
Lead(II) Propionate Additive and a Dopant-Free Polymer Hole Transport Material for CsPbI2Br Perovskite Solar Cells Öz S., Jena A.K., Kulkarni A., Mouri K., Yokoyama T., Takei I., Ünlü F., Mathur S., Miyasaka T. 2020 ACS Energy Letters
Fabrication of Single-Crystalline BaTaO2N from Chloride Fluxes for Photocatalytic H2 Evolution under Visible Light Luo Y., Wang Z., Suzuki S., Yubuta K., Kariya N., Hisatomi T., Domen K., Teshima K. 2020 Crystal Growth and Design
VOCOver 1.4 V for Amorphous Tin-Oxide-Based Dopant-Free CsPbI2Br Perovskite Solar Cells Guo Z., Jena A.K., Takei I., Kim G.M., Kamarudin M.A., Sanehira Y., Ishii A., Numata Y., Hayase S., Miyasaka T. 2020 Journal of the American Chemical Society
Recyclable Solid-Supported Catalysts for Quaternary Ammonium Iodide-Catalyzed Living Radical Polymerization Wang C.-G., Chang J.J., Foo E.Y.J., Niino H., Chatani S., Hsu S.Y., Goto A. 2020 Macromolecules
Ammonothermal growth of 2 inch long GaN single crystals using an acidic NH4F mineralizer in a Ag-lined autoclave Tomida D., Bao Q., Saito M., Osanai R., Shima K., Kojima K., Ishiguro T., Chichibu S.F. 2020 Applied Physics Express
Oxysulfide photocatalyst for visible-light-driven overall water splitting EWang Q., Nakabayashi M., Hisatomi T., Sun S., Akiyama S., Wang Z., Pan Z., Xiao X., Watanabe T., Yamada T., Shibata N., Takata T., Domen K. 2019 Nature Materials
Multi-Sulfur-Annulated Fused Perylene Diimides for Organic Solar Cells with Low Open-Circuit Voltage Loss Li X., Wang H., Nakayama H., Wei Z., Schneider J.A., Clark K., Lai W.-Y., Huang W., Labram J.G., De Alaniz J.R., Chabinyc M.L., Wudl F., Zheng Y. 2019 ACS Applied Energy Materials
Phase Stability and Diffusion in Lateral Heterostructures of Methyl Ammonium Lead Halide Perovskites Kennard R.M., Dahlman C.J., Nakayama H., Decrescent R.A., Schuller J.A., Seshadri R., Mukherjee K., Chabinyc M.L. 2019 ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
Mechanochemical synthesis of bimetallic CoZn-ZIFs with sodalite structure Imawaka K., Sugita M., Takewaki T., Tanaka S. 2019 Polyhedron
Effective Strategy for High-Yield Furan Dicarboxylate Production for Biobased Polyester Applications Kim M., Su Y., Aoshima T., Fukuoka A., Hensen E.J.M., Nakajima K. 2019 ACS Catalysis
Hydrothermal synthesis and crystal structure of new red phosphors, KNaMF 7 :Mn 4+ (M: Nb, Ta) Kumada N., Yanagida S., Takei T., Hong B. 2019 Materials Research Bulletin
A Particulate Photocatalyst Water-Splitting Panel for Large-Scale Solar Hydrogen Generation Goto Y., Hisatomi T., Wang Q., Higashi T., Ishikiriyama K., Maeda T., Sakata Y., Okunaka S., Tokudome H., Katayama M., Akiyama S., Nishiyama H., Inoue Y., Takewaki T., Setoyama T., Minegishi T., Takata T., Yamada T., Domen K. 2018 Joule
Disodium Benzodipyrrole sulfonate as neutral hole-transporting materials for perovskite solar cells Shang R., Zhou Z., Nishioka H., Halim H., Furukawa S., Takei I., Ninomiya N., Nakamura E. 2018 Journal of the American Chemical Society
The origins and properties of intrinsic nonradiative recombination centers in wide bandgap GaN and AlGaN Chichibu S.F., Uedono A., Kojima K., Ikeda H., Fujito K., Takashima S., Edo M., Ueno K., Ishibashi S. 2018 Journal of Applied Physics
Synthesizing higher-capacity hard-carbons from cellulose for Na- and K-ion batteries Yamamoto H., Muratsubaki S., Kubota K., Fukunishi M., Watanabe H., Kim J., Komaba S. 2018 Journal of Materials Chemistry A
X-Ray Scattering Reveals Ion-Induced Microstructural Changes During Electrochemical Gating of Poly(3-Hexylthiophene) Thomas E.M., Brady M.A., Nakayama H., Popere B.C., Segalman R.A., Chabinyc M.L. 2018 Advanced Functional Materials
Boosting photocatalytic overall water splitting by Co doping into Mn3O4 nanoparticles as oxygen evolution cocatalysts Yoshinaga T., Saruyama M., Xiong A., Ham Y., Kuang Y., Niishiro R., Akiyama S., Sakamoto M., Hisatomi T., Domen K., Teranishi T. 2018 Nanoscale
Preparation of nanosized SSZ-13 zeolite with enhanced hydrothermal stability by a two-stage synthetic method Peng C., Liu Z., Horimoto A., Anand C., Yamada H., Ohara K., Sukenaga S., Ando M., Shibata H., Takewaki T., Mukti R.R., Okubo T., Wakihara T. 2018 Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
Importance of reducing vapor atmosphere in the fabrication of Tin-based perovskite solar cells Song T.-B., Yokoyama T., Stoumpos C.C., Logsdon J., Cao D.H., Wasielewski M.R., Aramaki S., Kanatzidis M.G. 2017 Journal of the American Chemical Society
Thin Films and Solar Cells Based on Semiconducting Two-Dimensional Ruddlesden-Popper (CH3(CH2)3NH3)2(CH3NH3)n-1SnnI3n+1 Perovskites Cao D.H., Stoumpos C.C., Yokoyama T., Logsdon J.L., Song T.-B., Farha O.K., Wasielewski M.R., Hupp J.T., Kanatzidis M.G. 2017 ACS Energy Letters
Performance enhancement of lead-free tin- based perovskite solar cells with reducing atmosphere-assisted dispersible additive Song T.-B., Yokoyama T., Aramaki S., Kanatzidis M.G. 2017 ACS Energy Letters
Nickel Catalyzed Copolymerization of Ethylene and Alkyl Acrylates Xin B.S., Sato N., Tanna A., Oishi Y., Konishi Y., Shimizu F. 2017 Journal of the American Chemical Society
Multichannel Interdiffusion Driven FASnI 3 Film Formation Using Aqueous Hybrid Salt/Polymer Solutions toward Flexible Lead-Free Perovskite Solar Cells Xi J., Wu Z., Jiao B., Dong H., Ran C., Piao C., Lei T., Song T.-B., Ke W., Yokoyama T., Hou X., Kanatzidis M.G. 2017 Advanced Materials
The Origin of Lower Hole Carrier Concentration in Methylammonium Tin Halide Films Grown by a Vapor-Assisted Solution Process Yokoyama T., Song T.-B., Cao D.H., Stoumpos C.C., Aramaki S., Kanatzidis M.G. 2017 ACS Energy Letters
The challenges of solar hydrogen in chemical industry: How to provide, and how to apply? Setoyama T., Takewaki T., Domen K., Tatsumi T. 2017 Faraday Discussions
First-principles study of the luminescence of Eu2+ -doped phosphors Jia Y., Miglio A., Poncé S., Mikami M., Gonze X. 2017 Physical Review B
Comparative analysis of the intestinal flora in type 2 diabetes and nondiabetic mice Horie M., Miura T., Hirakata S., Hosoyama A., Sugino S., Umeno A., Murotomi K., Yoshida Y., Koike T. 2017 Experimental Animals
Removal characteristics of pharmaceuticals and personal care products: Comparison between membrane bioreactor and various biological treatment processes Park, J., Yamashita, N., Park, C., Shimono, T., Takeuchi, D.M., Tanaka, H. 2017 Chemosphere
Comparative experiment on treating digested piggery wastewater with a biofilm MBR and conventional MBR: simultaneous removal of nitrogen and antibiotics Song, X., Liu, R., Chen, L., Kawagishi, T. 2017 Frontiers of Environmental Science and Engineering
Overcoming Short-Circuit in Lead-Free CH 3 NH 3 SnI 3 Perovskite Solar Cells via Kinetically Controlled Gas-Solid Reaction Film Fabrication Process Yokoyama T., Cao D.H., Stoumpos C.C., Song T.-B., Sato Y., Aramaki S., Kanatzidis M.G 2016 Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Visible Light-Driven Z-Scheme Water Splitting Using Oxysulfide H2 Evolution Photocatalysts Ma G., Chen S., Kuang Y., Akiyama S., Hisatomi T., Nakabayashi M., Shibata N., Katayama M., Minegishi T., Domen K. 2016 Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
OG-FET: An In-Situ Oxide, GaN Interlayer-Based Vertical Trench MOSFET Gupta C., Chan S.H., Enatsu Y., Agarwal A., Keller S., Mishra U.K. 2016 IEEE Electron Device Letters
Fully Aromatic High Performance Thermoset via Sydnone-Alkyne Cycloaddition Handa N.V., Li S., Gerbec J.A., Sumitani N., Hawker C.J., Klinger D. 2016 Journal of the American Chemical Society
Multifucosylated Alpha-1-acid Glycoprotein as a Novel Marker for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Tanabe K., Kitagawa K., Kojima N., Iijima S. 2016 Journal of Proteome Research
High-quality, 2-inch-diameter m-plane GaN substrates grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy on acidic ammonothermal seeds Tsukada Y., Enatsu Y., Kubo S., Ikeda H., Kurihara K., Matsumoto H., Nagao S., Mikawa Y., Fujito K. 2016 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
Ultrafast synthesis of silicalite-1 using a tubular reactor with a feature of rapid heating Liu Z., Wakihara T., Anand C., Keoh S.H., Nishioka D., Hotta Y., Matsuo T., Takewaki T., Okubo T. 2016 Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
Efficient Decarbonylation of Furfural to Furan Catalyzed by Zirconia-Supported Palladium Clusters with Low Atomicity Ishida T., Kume K., Kinjo K., Honma T., Nakada K., Ohashi H., Yokoyama T., Hamasaki A., Murayama H., Izawa Y., Utsunomiya M., Tokunaga M. 2016 ChemSusChem
Comparing electrical performance of GaN trench-gate MOSFETs with a-plane (1120) and m-plane (1100) sidewall channels Gupta C., Chan S.H., Lund C., Agarwal A., Koksaldi O.S., Liu J., Enatsu Y., Keller S., Mishra U.K. 2016 Applied Physics Express
Highly Efficient Water Oxidation Photoanode Made of Surface Modified LaTiO2N Particles Akiyama S., Nakabayashi M., Shibata N., Minegishi T., Asakura Y., Abdulla-Al-Mamun M., Hisatomi T., Nishiyama H., Katayama M., Yamada T., Domen K. 2016 Small
Rare Earth-Doped Phosphors for White Light-Emitting Diodes Sato M., Kim S.W., Shimomura Y., Hasegawa T., Toda K., Adachi G. 2016 Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths
Influence of Inherent Oxygen Species on the Fluidity of Coal during Carbonization Tsubouchi N., Mochizuki Y., Naganuma R., Kamiya K., Nishio M., Ono Y., Uebo K. 2016 Energy and Fuels
Determination of absolute value of quantum efficiency of radiation in high quality GaN single crystals using an integrating sphere Kojima K., Ohtomo T., Ikemura K.-I., Yamazaki Y., Saito M., Ikeda H., Fujito K., Chichibu S.F. 2016 Journal of Applied Physics
Novel enzyme family found in filamentous fungi catalyzing trans-4-hydroxylation of L-pipecolic acid Hibi M., Mori R., Miyake R., Kawabata H., Kozono S., Takahashi S., Ogawa J. 2016 Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Lightning damage suppression in a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer with a polyaniline-based conductive thermoset matrix Hirano, Y., Yokozeki, T., Ishida, Y., Goto, T., Takahashi, T., Qian, D., Ito, S., Ogasawara, T., Ishibashi, M. 2016 Composites Science and Technology
Ultrafast and continuous flow synthesis of silicoaluminophosphates Liu, Z., Wakihara, T., Nomura, N., Matsuo, T., Anand, C., Elangovan, S.P., Yanaba, Y., Yoshikawa, T., Okubo, T. 2016 Chemistry of Materials
Removals of pharmaceutical compounds from hospital wastewater in membrane bioreactor operated under short hydraulic retention time Prasertkulsak, S., Chiemchaisri, C., Chiemchaisri, W., Itonaga, T., Yamamoto, K. 2016 Chemosphere
Synthesis, structure and optical properties of cerium-doped calcium barium phosphate-a novel blue-green phosphor for solid-state lighting Komuro N., Mikami M., Shimomura Y., Bithell E.G., Cheetham A.K. 2015 Journal of Materials Chemistry C
Widening synthesis bottlenecks: Realization of ultrafast and continuous-flow synthesis of high-silica zeolite SSZ-13 for NO x removal KLiu Z., Wakihara T., Oshima K., Nishioka D., Hotta Y., Elangovan S.P., Yanaba Y., Yoshikawa T., Chaikittisilp W., Matsuo T., Takewaki T., Okubo T. 2015 Angewandte Chemie - International Edition
A novel Ce3+ activated Lu3MgAl3SiO12 garnet phosphor for blue chip light-emitting diodes with excellent performance Shi Y., Zhu G., Mikami M., Shimomura Y., Wang Y. 2015 Dalton Transactions
Allyl-Terminated Polypropylene Macromonomers: A Route to Polyolefin Elastomers with Excellent Elastic Behavior Ohtaki H., Deplace F., Vo G.D., Lapointe A.M., Shimizu F., Sugano T., Kramer E.J., Fredrickson G.H., Coates G.W. 2015 Macromolecules
A top-down methodology for ultrafast tuning of nanosized zeolites Liu Z., Nomura N., Nishioka D., Hotta Y., Matsuo T., Oshima K., Yanaba Y., Yoshikawa T., Ohara K., Kohara S., Takewaki T., Okubo T., Wakihara T. 2015 Chemical Communications
Novel blue and green phosphors obtained from K2ZrSi3O9:Eu2+ compounds with different charge compensation ions for LEDs under near-UV excitation Ding X., Zhu G., Geng W., Mikami M., Wang Y. 2015 Journal of Materials Chemistry C
M-path: A compass for navigating potential metabolic pathways Araki M., Cox R.S., Makiguchi H., Ogawa T., Taniguchi T., Miyaoku K., Nakatsui M., Hara K.Y., Kondo A. 2015 Bioinformatics
Low-resistivity m-plane freestanding GaN substrate with very low point-defect concentrations grown by hydride vapor phase epitaxy on a GaN seed crystal synthesized by the ammonothermal method Kojima K., Tsukada Y., Furukawa E., Saito M., Mikawa Y., Kubo S., Ikeda H., Fujito K., Uedono A., Chichibu S.F. 2015 Applied Physics Express
Deep red emission in Eu2+-activated Sr4(PO4)2O phosphors for blue-pumped white LEDs Komuro N., Mikami M., Saines P.J., Akimoto K., Cheetham A.K. 2015 Journal of Materials Chemistry C
The effect of plane orientation on indium incorporation into InGaN/GaN quantum wells fabricated by MOVPE Wang Y., Shimma R., Yamamoto T., Hayashi H., Shiohama K.-I., Kurihara K., Hasegawa R., Ohkawa K. 2015 JJournal of Crystal Growth
Functional expression of l-lysine α-oxidase from Scomber japonicus in Escherichia coli for one-pot synthesis of l-pipecolic acid from dl-lysine Tani Y., Miyake R., Yukami R., Dekishima Y., China H., Saito S., Kawabata H., Mihara H. 2015 Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
Anagliptin, a potent dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitor: Its single-crystal structure and enzyme interactions Watanabe Y.S., Yasuda Y., Kojima Y., Okada S., Motoyama T., Takahashi R., Oka M. 2015 Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry
Separation of therapeutic peptides with cyclofructan and glycopeptide based columns in hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography Shu Y., Lang J.C., Breitbach Z.S., Qiu H., Smuts J.P., Kiyono-Shimobe M., Yasuda M., Armstrong D.W. 2015 Journal of Chromatography A
Development and characterization of CFRP using a polyaniline-based conductive thermoset matrix Yokozeki, T., Goto, T., Takahashi, T., Qian, D., Itou, S., Hirano, Y., Ishida, Y., Ishibashi, M., Ogasawara, T. 2015 Composites Science and Technology
Removal properties of human enteric viruses in a pilot-scale membrane bioreactor (MBR) process Miura, T., Okabe, S., Nakahara, Y., Sano, D. 2015 Water Research

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