Lawson Selects BENEBiOL, a Biomass-based Polycarbonatediol, for New Store in Aomori Prefecture, Japan

May 9, 2024

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (hereafter, “the MCG Group”) is pleased to announce that BENEBiOL™, a biomass-based polycarbonatediol, has been selected for the interior finish coating at the Lawson Aomori Chiyuuou Koukou-Mae that opened on April 11, 2024 in Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture, Japan. This is the second Lawson store to use paint made with BENEBiOL™, following the Lawson Obihiro Nishi 21-Jo Minami 4-chome Store.

With a view toward reducing CO2 emissions and revitalizing the community, the newly opened store uses timber from Aomori Prefecture for its interior walls and ceilings as well as for its eaves. The locally harvested timber is finished with topcoat paint made with BENEBiOL™, which imparts distinctive softness and warmth to wood materials.

Lawson Aomori Chiyuuou Koukou-Mae

BENEBiOL™ is the biomass-based polycarbonate diol. It was developed by the MCG Group and is mostly used as the primary raw material for polyurethane resins. Through a process of trial and error based on our vision of "developing groundbreaking and unprecedented products to provide added value to our customers," we succeeded in developing a polycarbonate diol with a completely new chemical structure from biomass-based raw materials. BENEBiOL™ not only has up to 93% biomass content, it also has superior durability and chemical resistance. It is used for paints and coatings, synthetic leather and artificial leather, and outdoor goods.
The MCG Group aims to develop the biomass-based BENEBiOL™ for buildings that incorporate wood materials, thereby contributing to decarbonization of the paint and construction industries.
  • Reference: Press release dated December 21, 2023
Lawson Selects BENEBiOL, a Plant-Derived Polycarbonate diol for New Store

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