Plant-derived Bioengineering Plastic DURABIO Selected by Panasonic for Wireless Earphones

January 25, 2024

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (the MCG Group) is pleased to announce that its DURABIO™ plant-derived bioengineering plastic product was selected by Panasonic Entertainment & Communication Co., Ltd. for its Technics True Wireless Earbuds EAH-AZ80, which were placed on the market on June 15, 2023. The earbuds are the first product in their category to adopt the material.

Made using the renewable plant-derived material “isosorbide,” DURABIO™ is a bioengineering alternative plastic that can divert consumption away from petroleum, an exhaustible resource. Moreover, because the plants used as raw materials absorb carbon dioxide during their growth phase, the use of isosorbide also contributes to greenhouse gas reduction. Boasting a number of superior properties, such as impact and scratch resistance, this material is broadening its range of applications, principally to interior and exterior automotive parts, optical and electronic device elements, and daily necessities.

Technics True Wireless Earbuds EAH-AZ80 feature a distinctively comfortable fit enabled by the proprietary design based on ergonomic geometry. About 45% of the plastic used in the earbuds and charging case is composed of DURABIO™. This plant-derived material also plays an essential role in achieving the high-level design quality of the earbuds, specifically the premium look and feel of the portion of the surface subject to colorant-only coloring. This is made possible by the material’s good coloration and high transparency, an optical characteristic effecting low optical distortion of transmitted light and thus supporting a beautiful appearance.

As a specialty material company that provides innovative solutions, the MCG Group will continue to supply high-value-added performance products through developing DURABIO™ while also contributing to the realization of a sustainable society.
Reference: Technics product site

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