Net-Zero Chemicals Industry Initiative of the World Economic Forum Relaunches as the Global Impact Coalition

December 1, 2023

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (the MCG Group) is pleased to announce that in November 2023, the Low-Carbon Emitting Technologies (LCET) initiative has been spun off from the World Economic Forum and newly launched as the Global Impact Coalition (GIC). The MCG Group is the only Japanese chemical company to participate in the GIC as a founding member. 
With a suite of leading-edge projects, the CEO-led coalition, founded by BASF, SABIC, Covestro, Clariant, LyondellBasell, the Mitsubishi Chemical Group, and Solvay will focus on accelerating the development and upscaling more than ever, of low-carbon emitting technologies for chemical production and related value chains. With a focus on innovation, partnerships, and the development of net-zero production methods, the new Coalition can make an important contribution to net-zero and sustainable growth.
The GIC's predecessor, the LCET initiative, has worked on several projects, as shown below. With this independence and re-launch, the GIC will continue to promote new projects.
●The R&D Hub for Plastic Waste Processing - which will focus on developing new technologies for waste processing with a lower CO2 footprint and greater levels of plastic waste recycling.
●Electrically Heated Steam Cracker Furnace - collaboration to construct the world’s first demonstration plant for large-scale electrically heated steam cracker furnaces.
As a specialty materials group dedicated to offering innovative solutions, the MCG Group will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

-Announced by the GIC on November 30, 2023:
「Net-zero chemicals industry initiative relaunches as the Global Impact Coalition」
-Announced by the MCG Group on May 22, 2023:
「Conclusion of Collaboration Agreement on R&D Hub for Plastic Waste Processing Incubated by World Economic Forum」
-Announced by SABIC on March 24, 2021:
- The GIC Web site:

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