Freund Corporation Selects Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s Bio-Based Compostable Polymer "BioPBS" for Antimold-Mild EF Sachet

November 9, 2023

In a bold leap towards sustainable packaging, The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (the MCG Group) proudly unveils a game-changing collaboration with Freund Corporation. The innovative bio-based compostable polymer "BioPBS™" has been selected for the inner surface (sealant layer) of Freund Corporation’s Antimold-Mild® EF*, sachet, marketing the debut of BioPBS™ in the realm of food preservative packaging in November 2023.

                 Antimold-Mild® EF                                       Examples of Antimold-Mild® EF use

BioPBS™ isn’t just a polymer—it’s a sustainable solution. Uniquely engineered for natural decomposition by microorganisms in the soil, etc, BioPBS™ transforms into water and carbon dioxide. Freund Corporation’s Antimold-Mild® leverages the power of powdered ethanol to create a sachet, that when paired with sweets, bread and more, releases ethanol to thwart the growth of harmful microorganisms.

What sets thisnewly-adopted sachet apart is the thoughtful combination of BioPBS™ on the inside and paper on the outside. The enables the entire packaging is crafted from compostable materials, and the bio-based material content of the package has increased from 63% to 83%.

Data provider: Freund Corporation
The MCG Group, recognized as a pioneer in specialty materials, remains steadfast in its dedication to driving innovation for a sustainable society. BioPBS™ is a testament to their commitment to delivering high value-added products that redefine the boundaries of eco-friendly solutions.
*EF is an abbreviation for “Environmentally Friendly.”

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