Development of MI Bridge, a Data Utilization Application to Accelerate Customer Solution Proposals
- Created new added value through collaboration between researchers and data scientists -

September 25, 2023

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (the MCG Group) announces the development of "MCG Intelligence Bridge (referred to as "MI Bridge")," a data utilization application that accelerates customer solution proposals.
Until now, material development in the chemical industry has depended mainly on the knowledge and experience of individual researchers. A significant amount of time, effort, and experience has been required to create solutions that contribute to the resolution of customer issues.
Materials Informatics (MI) has attracted attention in recent years as a solution to this challenge. To effectively utilize MI, data must be accumulated based on scientific knowledge and experience and then used in appropriate data processing and machine learning algorithms. However, securing personnel for on-site deployment with the requisite material science, business, and advanced data science expertise is exceptionally challenging.
The MCG Group has built a data utilization application called MI Bridge to respond to these issues. MI Bridge enables co-creation between data scientists and material science and business experts. By incorporating the appropriate data processing and machine learning algorithms on MI Bridge, data scientists enable researchers to easily register experimental data, search for experimental data, and perform inference and inverse analysis using machine learning techniques. Through "MI Bridge," researchers' experience and tacit knowledge can be shared, thus integrating insights in material design. This can reduce material development time and create new added value, leading to the acceleration of solution proposals to customers.
The MCG Group is committed to promoting MI Bridge's internal adoption and feature enhancement, with the ultimate objective of providing more rapid and effective material solutions to our customers.

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