The Mitsubishi Chemical Group Introduces BioPBS, a Bio-Based Compostable Polymer, in EN TEA Teabag Pouches

September 20, 2023

TOKYO, September 20, 2023—The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (the MCG Group) is excited to announce the incorporation of its cutting-edge bio-based compostable polymer, BioPBS™, in the sealant layer and zipper closure of the freshly redesigned pouches for EN TEA's teabags. These upgraded pouches will be available to consumers starting September 20, 2023.

EN TEA teabag products
BioPBS™ is a bio-based compostable polymer. It undergoes natural decomposition by microorganisms into water and carbon dioxide. Renowned for its exceptional low-temperature heat sealability and flexibility, BioPBS™ has found extensive applications, primarily as a packaging material for food products and more.
EN TEA is a tea brand grounded in the philosophy of “beautiful tea”, emphasizing the harmony of people and things surrounding tea. Its product range is meticulously developed, produced and processed from carefully selected tea leaves sourced from across the country. Beyond the sealant layer and zipper closure, EN TEA’s pouches, including the barrier layer, adhesives, and even the teabags nestled within, are composed of compostable materials.
As a specialty materials group dedicated to offering innovative solutions, the MCG Group is committed to delivering high-value-added products like BioPBS™ to drive the realization of a sustainable society.
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