Transfer of Qualicaps Co., Ltd.

July 28, 2023

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (the MCG Group) today concluded a share transfer agreement with Roquette Frères SA for the transfer of all shares of Qualicaps Co., Ltd. held by the MCG Group to the company. The closing of the transfer is expected to occur between October and December 2023.
1. Overview of Qualicaps
Company Name                Qualicaps Co., Ltd.
Head Office Location        321-5, Ikezawacho, Yamatokoriyama, Nara 639-1032, Japan
Representative                  Representative Director and President Seiichiro Matsumura
Paid-in-Capital                  1 billion yen
Major Shareholders          Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (100%)
Consolidated Net Sales     27.5 billion yen (FY2023/3)
Consolidated Number of Employees      1,437 (as of March 2023)
Description of Business      Manufacture and distribution of hard-gelatin capsules and HPMC capsules
             Production and distribution of pharmaceutical-related equipment such as tablet printers and inspection machines
2. Overview of the Transferee
Company Name                Roquette Frères SA
Head Office Location        1, rue de la Haute Loge, 62136 Lestrem, France
Representative                  CEO Pierre Courduroux
Paid-in-Capital                  8,812,908 Euros
Major Shareholders          Privately held by the Roquette family (100%)
Consolidated Net Sales     5.1 billion Euros (FY 2022)
Consolidated Number of Employees      8,500
Description of Business      Global Leader of plant-based ingredients and pharmaceutical excipients for Health and Nutrition markets
3. Purpose of the Transfer
Based on our management policy of “Forging the future,” the MCG Group is promoting portfolio management with a focus on growth, performance, and sustainability, targeting focus markets aligned to global key trends.
Demand for the hard capsules and pharmaceutical-related equipment that Qualicaps has cultivated is expected to grow to a certain extent in the future. For that reason, we decided to transfer our shares of Qualicaps based on our belief that it is best to continue to develop and grow its business under the leadership of the best owner.

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