Thermoplastic Elastomer Excellent in Dissimilar Material Adhesion, "Tefabloc," Adopted for ZETT's Standard Bat for Rubber Baseball, "Black Cannon A-Power"

April 12, 2023

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (the MCG Group) hereby announces that its thermoplastic elastomer Tefabloc™ has been adopted for Black Cannon A-Power, a standard bat for rubber baseball manufactured by ZETT Corporation (ZETT; Head office: Osaka City, Osaka). Black Cannon A-Power has been sold by ZETT in Japan since late February 2023.

Black Cannon A-Power                                    Tefabloc™ is used for the outermost layer of the triple-tube structure at the striking part.

Tefabloc™ is the core brand of the MCG Group’s thermoplastic elastomer products. The elastomer has excellent rubber properties and is widely used in automotive applications (sealing/interior skin by injection /grip), industrial material applications (tube/grip), and for household goods (beverage container cap liners, etc.).
The new grade* adopted for Black Cannon A-Power can be strongly adhered to carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRPs) without an adhesive, and is used in film form in the outermost layer of the striking part of the bat. Tefabloc™ further improves hitting speed by enhancing impact resistance and maximizing the strength and lightness of CFRPs.
Thermoplastic elastomers, including Tefabloc™, have the same elasticity as vulcanized rubber at room temperature and can be processed in thermoplastic molding machines. In addition, the material can contribute to reducing environmental impact, as the scraps generated during molding can be reused.
The MCG Group will continue to expand applications in line with customer needs and develop high-value-added grades to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

*: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation sells resin pellet products as "Tefabloc™", and DiaPlus Film Inc., a group company of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, sells film products as "Artply®."

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"Artply®" product site

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