The Mitsubishi Chemical Group announces the Winners of the Composite Engineering Challenge
-The jury team chose Herone from Germany as the Overall Winner and Project Unlimited from the Netherlands as the Innovation Award Winner-

March 10, 2023

DÜSSELDORF: February 21, 2023 — Last year in November Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s Business Incubator Growth Garage launched the Composite Engineering Challenge. Innovators, entrepreneurs, and early adopters using fiber reinforced composites were invited to submit their project ideas. There will be three categories of Winners, of which the Overall Winner will receive $25,000 worth of support in expertise in finding the right fiber reinforced composite material, design, and manufacturing process to grow their business.
Now the jury team announced their Winners in 3 categories:

1) Overall Challenge Winner ($25,000 worth of support)
Herone, Germany

Herone produces high performance composite products made from realigned recycled carbon fibers. The combination of automated textile preforming with efficient press molding enables them to produce high performance parts from recycled carbon fiber.

2) Innovation Award Winner ($10,000 worth of support)
Project Unlimited, The Netherlands

The team from TU Delft is building a prosthesis system that is completely tailored to the needs of the specific user thanks to a modular build-up. Parts can be swapped according to the evolving needs of the person. 

3) Wevolver Community Winner (Recognition and a featured article)
Carbo Screen, Germany

CarboScreen has developed sensors for monitoring fiber and process parameters relevant for carbon fiber production to detect microscopic defects. A specially developed software platform based on artificial intelligence principles links the measured sensor data with process know-how.
The ambition of this engineering challenge was to unlock the full potential of modern composite materials and scale with advanced production technologies. For that purpose, winners will have access to technology resources and support in material selection, tool design, scalability, and design for manufacturing. In addition, the winners will get access to industry experts, the Mitsubishi Chemical Group’s corporate venture capital arm and the wider network to create global exposure. 
Visit our page for more details: Composites Engineering Challenge.

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