Withdrawal from the Acrylic Fiber Vonnel and Vonnel M.V.P Business

December 21, 2022

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group*1 (the MCG Group) hereby announces that it has decided to withdraw from the business of Vonnel™ and Vonnel™ M.V.P, acrylic fibers manufactured at the Hiroshima Plant, as follows.
1. Background to the decision to withdraw from the business
The MCG Group has developed the acrylic fiber Vonnel™ and Vonnel™ M.V.P for clothing such as sweaters, cut and sewn products, underwear, socks and eco-fur; interiors, such as blankets and carpets; materials, such as non-woven fabrics; and various other applications by taking advantage of the fiber’s characteristics, including color developability, warm retention and lightness.
As the business environment becomes more severe due to declining global demand and soaring prices of raw materials and fuels, the MCG Group has concluded that it is difficult to further improve profitability even with business restructuring measures, including withdrawal from general-purpose products, and therefore reached the decision to withdraw from the business.
2. Schedule for the business withdrawal (planned)
End of March 2023        :             End of production of Vonnel™ fibers
End of August 2023       :             End of production of Vonnel™ M.V.P
End of December 2023 :             End of sales of Vonnel™ and Vonnel™ M.V.P

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