Mitsubishi Chemical Group and Plug and Play Japan Announce
TANAMIN Digital Health Challenge Startup Participants

December 19, 2022

TOKYO, December 19, 2022 -- The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (the MCG Group) is happy to announce the four finalists of the “TANAMIN Digital Health Challenge- creating hope for all facing illness.”  TANAMIN Digital Health Challenge, launched by MCG and Plus and Play Japan KK (hereinafter “Plug and Play Japan”) in June 2022, is targeting cutting edge digital health technology solutions in three topical areas: (1) improve the well-being of ALS patients and their families, (2) digitalize Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT), and (3) increase preventative vaccinations in Japan.
TANAMIN Digital Health Challenge received 94 applications from 21 countries, representing a range of technologies across the three topic areas. After a highly competitive selection process, the following four companies have been chosen:
  • Mediktor (Barcelona, Spain) is the accurate AI-based medical assistant for triage and pre-diagnosis. It uses AI to guide patients to the right level of care, providing both patients and professionals with the right health decision support. Its mission is to improve access to healthcare globally, overcoming currently acknowledged problems such as a lack of efficiency of Healthcare delivery and the overburdened Healthcare systems. This is increasingly important in diseases where time to diagnosis takes up to one year, as for example in ALS, since getting the proper evaluation in a timely way is important in disease progression.
  • CoeFont (Tokyo, Japan) is a voice service that anyone can use easily and inexpensively by converting "voices" into expressive "fonts" using the latest AI technology based on the concept of wonderful voices” anytime and for as long as desired.  The AI voice platform "CoeFont" converts "good voices" into expressive "fonts" using the latest AI technology.  They also provide services to people who have lost their voices due to diseases such as pharyngeal cancer and ALS.
  • GattaCo (California, United States) is solving billion-dollar bottlenecks in healthcare by eliminating the dependence on central-lab based processing to obtain liquid plasma from blood. With GattaCo’s products, blood testing can become less centralized, more democratized, and easier to access than ever before.
  • MinaCare (Tokyo, Japan) is focused on preventive medicine, providing medical data analysis, consulting for insurance companies and local governments, health management support for client companies, and healthcare applications. Its products include "GenkiLabo," an integrated support tool that enables insurers to manage health checkups and receipt data in a database for health checkups and health insurance claims; "Dental IQ Check," a dental health platform focused on disease prevention; and "HealthAmulet," a vaccination record application.  
Over the next four months, TANAMIN Digital Health Challenge will provide the participating startups engagement opportunities with MCG and access to MCG top leadership.
PROGRAM TITLE: “TANAMIN Digital Health Challenge - Creating hope for all facing illness”
Please refer to the special website on TANAMIN Digital Health Challenge for details.
  • Opportunities to conduct paid pilot studies, potentially leading to subsequent long-term partnerships with MCG
  • Potential equity investment by the corporate venture capital arm of MCG
  • Access to the Plug and Play network
  • 2.5M Yen grant funding* (without dilution)
* Additional grants will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
1. Improve the well-being of ALS patients and their families    
2. Digitize Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT)
3. Increase preventative vaccinations in Japan
About Mitsubishi Chemical Group
The Mitsubishi Chemical Group is a specialty materials company that operates in four business fields: Performance Products, Chemicals, Industrial Gases, and Health Care. Around 70,000 employees around the world support people's daily lives and global businesses by providing advanced chemistry-based solutions in the electronics, healthcare & life science, as well as other selected markets. Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market (stock code: 4188), with consolidated sales revenue of 3,976.9 billion yen ($30 billion USD) in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022. For further information, please visit our website:
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About Plug and Play Japan
Plug and Play Japan is the world's leading accelerator/venture capital.
We are a global innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, 45+ leading companies of each sector participate in our programs as official corporate partners.
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Plug and Play Japan supports the co-creation and collaboration between Japanese/international startups with innovative technology/idea and industry-leading corporations enabling them to generate innovation.
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