The Mitsubishi Chemical Group Invested in Eridan, a US startup that develops Break-through Devices for 5G communications

July 26, 2022

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG) hereby announces that it has invested in Eridan Communications (CEO: Douglas Kirkpatrick, "Eridan"), a company developing power transceivers for the 5G communications environment, through its CVC subsidiary Diamond Edge Ventures, Inc.
Eridan and its next-generation radio-frequency (RF) transceiver technology enable improved connectivity for more people, using less energy, less expensive infrastructure, and less spectrum, addressing the main obstacle for the shift from 4G to 5G. In its initial stages of deployment, Eridan’s MIRACLE RF Front End Module will be utilized by telecom equipment manufacturers building small cells and Massive MIMO systems for urban and suburban locations.
In line with its management policy of "Forging the future," MCG has positioned electronics as one of its most important strategic fields and aim to develop its business in semiconductor materials and high-speed telecommunications-related materials. Leveraging open innovation, MCG will co-create new digital-related solutions by combining the Group's materials technology, such as GaN substrates, with Eridan's module design technology.
This activity is part of our corporate venture activities, and MCG will continue to promote collaboration with startup companies to promote commercialization.

Establishment : 2013
Location : San Francisco, California, U.S.A.
Representative: Douglas Kirkpatrick (CEO)
Business description: Eridan is building transformational wireless technology to improve connectivity for every person on earth. Its proprietary radios utilize gallium nitride to provide lower power, high bandwidth performance that makes wireless networks sustainable and viable for 5G and beyond.

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