Online KAITEKI Report 2022 Forging the future

Management Policy

Message from the President

One Company, One Team for Global Market Focus That Grows Corporate Value

Jean-Marc GilsonPresident & CEO


Under the new management policy, “Forging the future,”
the Mitsubishi Chemical Group shifted to an integrated management structure,
operating with greater efficiency as “One Company, One Team.”
Everyone in the Group will unite and work together to leverage our strengths and seize opportunities to expand our business.

Message from the CFO

By reliably achieving our financial targets, we can boost our corporate value and flourish in pursuit of excellence.

Yuko NakahiraExecutive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer


Business Strategy

Focus on growth markets where MCG has a competitive advantage

MCG has applied the evaluation criteria of market growth potential, a competitive advantage, and carbon neutrality to rework our portfolio as a specialty chemical company.Electronics and Healthcare & Life Science will be positioned as our strategic focus as we move forward. MCG aims to further increase corporate value by concentrating business resources in these priority markets.

Message from Business Group Management

Strengthening the Business Foundation

Strengthening ESG Activities

Sustainable management for a carbon-neutral future

By 2030, we aim to reduce GHG emissions by 29% versus fiscal 2019 levels, and by 2050 we plan to reach carbon neutrality while achieving sustainable growth. Value creation begins with our people, so we are driving changes to maximize their potential and fostering a “One Company, One Team” culture to deepen governance globally.

Editorial Policy

Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation (MCG) publishes the KAITEKI Report as a value creation story that covers the progress and outlook of corporate activities aimed at realizing the MCG Group’s KAITEKI vision. This report summarizes financial and non-financial information from the past, present, and future projections based on what we have determined to be highly pertinent to our decision-making criteria and material issues identified for corporate activities.

This online report in HTML format presents carefully selected data from our Integrated Report “KAITEKI REPORT” that will help stakeholders to better understand our corporate strategy.
For detailed measures and data, please see the KAITEKI Report PDF version.

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