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CEO Message

CEO Message
Jean-Marc Gilson,
Representative Corporate Executive Officer
President & Chief Executive Officer

The Mitsubishi Chemical Group is proud of our unique philosophy, “KAITEKI,” established over a decade ago. We define KAITEKI as “the well-being of people and the planet.” Working with and for our stakeholders, we are dedicated to achieving it.

As we dynamically transform our portfolio to drive our group competitive advantage in the most promising markets, we are united under a common purpose as One Team.

We lead with innovative
to achieve
the well-being of
people and the planet.

This purpose is why we exist and our promise to our stakeholders. Our profound commitment is to utilize our strengths and create innovation to achieve KAITEKI, our North Star.

We measure our corporate value across these three axes. 1. Management of Economics, 2. Management of Technology, and 3. Management of Sustainability. Together, they demonstrate the philosophy which we have lived by and our approach to delivering on our purpose. This corporate value creation is defined in three simple words—Science. Value. Life. Under this new slogan, we forge ahead on our aim to create a better tomorrow.

At our KAITEKI Solution Center, we highlight solutions and actions that deliver on our purpose and our promise for the future. This is the Mitsubishi Chemical Group.

February 2023
Representative Corporate Executive Officer,
President & Chief Executive Officer
Jean-Marc Gilson

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