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Business Domains Related to Social Issues Tackled by MCG

We are being faced with numerous social issues at present, including global warming and the depletion of resources. In order to realize KAITEKI, it is indispensable to resolve these issues above all else. In response, Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation (MCG) has envisioned the future to be sought for 2050, examined the social issues currently at hand in the light of its Mission and Value, identified the domains in which we should help resolve them, and set these domains as six growth businesses.
By boldly shifting our business portfolio to businesses focused on resolving social issues, we will seek not only MCG's sustained growth but also the realization of a "KAITEKI" society.

Process for specifying social issues and business domains

1. Identify social issues (MOS)
Identify social issues that the MCG Group should help solve by reviewing megatrends and SDGs along with our mission and value standards.
2. Risk assessment
Hold discussions with internal and external stakeholders to quantitatively assess risks left unmanaged.
3. Specify social issues
Specify the social issues that the MCG Group should address.
4. Specify business domains
Find the direction for resolving the identified social issues, and specify the business domains.

Social issues and business domains for the MCG Group

Social issues Directions for contributions to solving issues Business domains
GHG reduction Contribute to climate change mitigation through GHG reduction and effective utilization GHG reduction (Energy/Mobility)
Resource management Realize a recycling-based society for materials Carbon cycle
Food and water supply Contribute to ensuring the stability of food and water supply Food and water supply
Healthy and vibrant lives Realize a society where people can enjoy healthy and vibrant lives Medical advances
Digital Contribute to building the infrastructure for a data society that realizes optimization at the social system level Digital society infrastructure
Safety Contribute to the realization of safe and comfortable lives Human interface
Human resources and work styles Provide workplaces where people who are enthusiastic about solving social issues can work with motivation [Human resources system reforms]

Business Domain - 1 GHG Reduction

Mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are being released in huge volumes due to the acceleration of socioeconomic activities by humans. Global warming, extreme weather events and other changes in the climate triggered by GHG emissions are pressing social issues. The MCG Group will seek solutions to contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions.

Lighter mobility

We will contribute to the efficient use of resources and energy and the mitigation of climate change by reducing the weight of automobiles and aircraft and pursuing their electrification, in addition to switching to renewable materials and raw materials.

Lithium ion battery materials

We will help spread electric vehicles with low CO2 emissions and expand the utilization of renewable energy by working on the development of next-generation battery materials, including lithium ion batteries.

Business Domain - 2 Carbon Cycle

Pursue sustainable comfort in a circular carbon society.

The concept of "carbon neutrality," which aims to curb global warming by using renewable energy and collecting/storing carbon dioxide released from human activities, is drawing attention. We will pursue sustainable comfort from all perspectives, including developing recyclable industrial materials such as plastics that can be returned to nature and alternative energy sources that do not rely on petroleum and other fossil fuels.

Biodegradable plastics

While retaining the properties of plastics, such as being heat resistant and lightweight, these are made biodegradable so that they can be returned to nature and also contribute to the reduction of environmental impact.

Hydrogen station

By contributing to the widespread adoption of hydrogen fuel, which is looking increasingly promising as an alternative to fossil fuels, we will aim for a society with a lower environmental impact that renders higher-quality resource circulation possible.

Business Domain - 3 Food and Water Supply

Contribute to ensuring the stability of food and water supply.

"Food loss," which refers to food being produced beyond the ability to consume all of it and thus disposed of in huge volumes, has become problematic. On the other hand, if we turn our attention to the world, there are many people suffering from starvation and even having difficulty in securing clean water. Through the development of materials that enable long-term food storage and systems that support efficient food production, etc., we will aim for a society in which no one in the world will suffer from food or water problems by contributing to the reduction of food loss.

High-performance packaging materials

By providing food packaging materials, etc., with superior barrier properties, we will enable the long-term storage of food and contribute to the safe storage and distribution of food, as well as the reduction of food loss.

Land-based aquaculture system

Based on our system that efficiently dissolves oxygen in the water and properly manages the oxygen volume at ideal levels, we will develop an environment for fish to grow and help improve aquaculture productivity.

Business Domain - 4 Medical Advances

Realize a society where people can enjoy healthy and vibrant lives.

Medical advances are indispensable in order to enable everyone around the world to lead healthy and vibrant lives. We are engaged in research and development aimed at realizing next-generation medical technologies, including "regenerative medicine," which enables the treatment of diseases that conventionally lacked effective treatment methods, and "precision medicine," which involves the timely delivery of appropriate medical care to the right patient.

Preventive medicine

We will help maintain people's health by providing preventive healthcare against diseases and medical care to prevent illnesses from increasing in severity through the provision of vaccines and pharmaceuticals as well as self-medication.

Regenerative medicine

We will pursue medical advances through "Muse cell," a new type of pluripotent stem cell with a low tumorigenic risk that can be administered intravenously for cell migration, engraftment and differentiation at the injured location to repair the tissue and restore its functions.

Business Domain - 5 Digital Society Infrastructure

Support the next-generation digital society.

As exemplified by computers, smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT), and the like, contemporary society rests on digital technologies, so upgrading them to next-generation levels will undoubtedly be the path that leads to comfortable living. We will help build the infrastructure for the next-generation digital society through faster communication technologies, semiconductor materials that realize higher processing capacity and the provision of their periphery services.

Semiconductor solutionss

We will help realize a smart society and make people's lives more comfortable by providing our semiconductor-related solutions business that combines advanced materials development and environmental impact reduction services.

Materials related to next-generation communications

We will contribute to the realization of the next-generation digital society by providing high-performance products and materials that contribute to devices for 5G/next-generation communications and pursuing the sophistication of information processing technologies that can adapt to next-generation products.

Business Domain - 6 Human Interface

Create true comfort by tackling safety and convenience.

True comfort is created only by improving safety, not to mention convenience. Is it possible to create medical-related products and materials that are less burdensome to the human body? Is there a way to create industrial materials that will give people a greater sense of security in terms of time and space? We will continue to explore solutions to make people more comfortable in all aspects, along with technologies that are changing by the day.


Functional products and antimicrobial agents
Our approach to making people comfortable will be taken with respect to both inside and outside the human body, including medical treatment based on biomaterials with a high affinity to humans and antimicrobial agents to protect against viruses.

Materials for mobility-oriented residential spac

We will strive to create value for mobility by meeting the demand for high-frequency shielding and vibration/noise suppression stemming from electrification and automation and adapting to the heightened awareness of hygiene due to the COVID-19 pandemic, etc.

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